Join us as a Presenter and show your colours as a supported employment leader in Canada!


Application Deadline: Friday December 6, 2019.


Apply Today!


Proposals will be reviewed by the Program Planning Committee and CASE board. Applicants will be informed of agenda decisions in January 2020.

Why present?

As a Presenter, you will have the chance to: 

• Help bring further knowledge to the field of supported employment, for the benefit of all people with disabilities;

• Share your best practices within provincial and national supported employment networks;

• Present to major stakeholders and influencers, who may promote your work in their networks;

• Reach out to 400 delegates specifically related to the field of supported employment;

• Establish yourself as an influencer in the field;

• Demonstrate publicly your social concern about the topic;

• Contribute, by your support, to raising awareness about the importance of supported employment.


You can submit your proposal and present in either French or English. 

Workshop format is a 60-minute session, plus 15 minutes for questions and answers, for a total of 75 minutes.

Any kind of promotion in exchange of financial retribution is prohibited during sessions. If you wish to make any promotion, please check the conference’s Partnerships Packages.

A reduced conference fee will be offered to the primary presenter of each workshop. Presenters are encouraged to register and attend the conference, but are not required to do so.

Travel, accommodation and other costs related to the Presenter’s participation in the conference are not covered.

Presenters must:

• Provide an electronic copy of their presentation to share and post on the conference website after the conference. 

• Provide their own laptop for their session.

• Check in 15 minutes before presentation to ensure that final presentation displays properly with the AV equipment. 

• Consider the  accessibility needs of participants during your session - 


The 25th National Supported Employment Conference will gather 400 delegates from the private and public sectors, as well as community-based organizations from all provinces and territories, with higher participation from Manitoba. 

Delegates typically come from the following groups, interested in or invested in the field of supported employment:

• Employment Counsellors and Case Managers, from the public, private and non-profit sectors;

• Employers with a provincial or national presence wishing to learn more about supported employment and the return they can expect from it;

• Managers and representatives from various organizations, from the public, private and non-profit sectors; 

• Business associations and sector council representatives;

• Human Resource Professionals, Guidance Counsellors, and more widely all Career Development Professionals or students in the field;

• Labour unions representatives; 

• Managers and representatives in the education and training fields;

• Managers and representatives from government or public service providers — federal, provincial and municipal. 

Apply Today!